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Being a virtual travel agency, connects easily with travelers and tries to resolve their travel-related queries, concerns, doubts, dilemmas, and quests. This travel agency deals with queries such as refunds, cancellations, rebooking, customer care services, and other relevant inquiries. We as a provider of such bits of help, expect our clients and users to read the terms and conditions section very carefully, before initiating any of our services or using the website. Keep in mind that website usage means you are agreeing with all of our policies explained in this particular privacy policy section. We promised our users and clients not to disclose personal information (email address, contact number, home address, etc.) to unauthorized access. This website is designed to serve our clients and users with the best, most authentic, and most flexible service associated with air travel. We ensure to provide the most affordable rates that may not affect the traveler's budget.


Welcome to we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your information is handled safely and responsibly this privacy policy outlines how we collect, use and protect your information when you visit our website or use our services.

Personal Information:-

When you use our services, we may collect information such as name,contact number etc

Travel Details:-

We collect information related to your travel preferences, itineraries, choices, accommodation, and other basic travel-related information to provide a customized service

Technical Information:-

The website may collect information regarding the IP address, the device you are using, type of browser, and operating systems to improve the functionality and users experience. as a virtual travel agency ensures keeping your information secret and protects from any kind of misuse.

*This privacy policy applies to users and visitors of the Airlinefares website, social media accounts, applications, and other services.*


This policy simply describes how we treat our users information. We are deeply committed to protecting our users privacy, important infromaton and ensuring that your personal information is handled with care. Our policy is designed to provide transparency about how we work, use your information, and safeguard your data. We prioritize your aim of traveling to provide a seamless, customized travel experience while maintaining the confidentiality as a virtual travel agency adheres the relevant data protection law, our dedicated privacy policy reflects in providing exceptional services to ensure the enjoyable air travel experience

*We are not responsible for any unauthorized and unethical disclosure.*


here are a few steps to let you know the process of collecting users personal data-

  • when you visit our website's homepage to make
  • in some cases we collect information through the third party sources inclusing applications websites etcetera

  • Personal information: name,age,gender, DoB.
  • Contact details: email address, contact number, postal address office/home.
  • Booking details: user name, passport number, pincode, booking refernce.
  • Billing info:credit, debit cards, visa cards, cash and billing address.

    We use these information to provide the required servceis and make your servcei experience smooth and positive with us.

    We often use your contact information to send promotional eamils as well.

    (we provide booking history to show your entire activity)

    We use our best software to keep safe your collected details. (We employ robust encryption methods to safeguard your information against unauthorized access, ensuring the highest level of protection.)


    Cookies helps in optyimizing the websites performance they are crucial to enabling the process and enhancing the user experinces .

    Coookies play an important part in user authentication and they help in tracking users likes.

    Rights of airlinefares:- reserves all rights to make any required modification in company's privacy policy. the policy often get evolved according tot he needs and services we provide.

    *We will not be responsible for any convenience that you will get after the changes in the privacy policy.* has a right to modify the privacy policy at anytne they feel so, we promise to our users that keep an eye on the website to get the latest information to ensure you are aware of updated policy.

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    Most Common Questions!

    The respective virtual agency offers refunds, cancellations, rebooking, seat change, flight status, ticket booking etc.

    You can do it by visiting the website, navigating yourself to the manage trip section, selecting the flight, destination, date, and time, follow the on-screen instructions if you face any trouble while processing the booking feel free to connect with a customer care agent by calling their toll-free number XYZ.

    Yes,the details we have collected from the user are always encrypted, and we assure you that we safeguard the credentials from unnecessary access.

    Provide your active and updated email address, to receive promotional emails and newsletters.

    The airline will notify you via email or the contact number for further steps.

    You will receive top-notch services and the latest information to stay updated.

    When you book your flight ticket, you enter your contact details, So, if you have received any confirmation for booked flight tickets, you will technically know your booking is confirmed.

    Visit the website and locate the register option, provide your basic information and submit.Once your account is done you will be able to receive notifications on it.

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